Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yoon Do Hyun 윤도현

[HQ-SD-720P] Music Video
Album : Vol.8 共存 (공존-coexistence)
Singer : YB(윤도현 밴드)
Song : Still You(아직도 널)
Date : 2009-03-24
source: YouTube by pla4rangmv

Date of birth : Feburary 3rd, 1972
Education : Department of Mass Medis Studies, Seongkongheo University
Debut song : Tarzan (As a member of a vocal band “Paper”), December 1994
Physique : 178cm, 65kg
Place of birth : Paju, Gyeonggi Province
Blood type : O
Talents : Playing the guitar, harmonica, piano

Yoon Do-hyun first started his singing career as a member of an amateur singing group called “The Paper Kite.” As a member of the club, Yoon was invited as guest performer for various live concerts and there he started to receive attention from the major pop music world. Yoon Do-hyun is acknowledged for his powerful voice, honest attitude and explosive live performances. Since he formed the Yoon Do-hyun Band, Yoon’s voice displayed an even more charismatic power. Yoon writes the songs and lyrics of most of his albums. He also performed in various genres including musicals and rock operas. He starred in a rock music film entitled “The Jungle Story,” a rock opera “Gaettong-yi” and rock musicals “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Hard Rock Café.” He recently gave a European tour concert with his band the Yoon Band. Yoon also currently hosts a mid-night music show aired every Friday on KBS TV.

In Front of the Post Office of Autumn (1st album, 1994) : Tarzan, In Front of the Post Office of Autumn, Love Two
Yoon Do-hyun and Band (2nd album, 1997) : A Dreaming Girl, To Live on this Land, A Long Journey
Alienation (3rd album, 1998) : Someday, A Yearning for 7 Years, Little by Little
To Sing Again Korean Rock (4th album, 1999) : Sending You Away, Wake Up, That Is My World
AN URBANITE (5th abum, 2001) : Come to Me, Peppermint Candy, Mirror
[YB]stream⑥ (6th album, 2003) : Flower Petals, I Will Fall In Love, Peppermint Candy 2, I Will Forget
Why Be (2006)
YB Live Vol. 3: After 10 Years (2007)

Seems to Fall In Love 사랑했나봐

source: YouTube


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of YB. I'd like to post an article about YB in English on Wikipedia. So...It will be great if I can use your article as a reference. I'm going to copy your article. Thank you very much for your understanding...

xiaoyi said...

Hi! Actually, i found the article from KBS World website.
I myself also forgot to put down the original sources ^^
It's ok to repost the article, but please do put down its original sources. Thanks.

Margarita Jaramillo said...

Thank you so much for your article! *-* I didn't know about other projects that Yoon have!
but I have to say that I really love his voice *-* is so natural and powerful